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Life Skills Foundation (Group Class)

Walking with Dogs

Training your dog is more than a Sit, Down, or Stay.

Equip yourself and your dog with essential life skills, so that he or she is prepared and knows what to do for situations that will be commonly encountered.

  • Basic communication using a Clicker or Verbal Marker

  • Proper delivery of treats to your dog

  • Relax and staying calm in the presence of different environment stimulus such as humans, dogs, and sounds.

  • Leash Handling

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Heeling

  • Recall

  • Wait

  • Focus

  • Protocol when encountering other dogs and humans

Class Details:

  • Location - Sengkang

  • 10 weekly sessions

  • 90 mins per session

  • Maximum of 2 person accompanying the dog

  • Minimum - 3 dogs for class commencement

  • Maximum - 4 dogs per class

Class content may vary due to the individual dog's temperament.

Contact us to find out if your dog is suitable for learning in a group class setting.

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