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Life Skills Foundation (Group Class)

Walking with Dogs

Training your dog involves more than a Sit, Down, or Stay.

Equip yourself and your dog with essential life skills, so that he or she is prepared and knows what to do for situations that will be commonly encountered.

  • Basic communication using a Clicker or Verbal Marker

  • Proper delivery of treats to your dog

  • Relax and staying calm in the presence of different environment stimulus such as humans, dogs, and sounds.

  • Leash Handling

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Heeling

  • Recall

  • Wait

  • Engagement

  • Protocol when encountering other dogs and humans

Class Details:

  • Location - Sengkang

  • 10 weekly sessions

  • 75 mins - 90 mins per session

  • Maximum of 2 person accompanying the dog

  • Minimum - 3 dogs for class commencement

  • Maximum - 4 dogs per class

Class content may vary based on the individual dog's temperament.

The group class is suited for dogs that are 6 months old and above.

As the class is conducted in a group setting, we will need to assess if your dog is suited to learn in this environment to ensure safety and effectiveness for all participants.

Contact us to find out if your dog is suitable for learning in a group class setting.

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