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Venkat and Jo

Noah, Golden Retriever

12 March 2022

We brought home Noah during the pandemic.

Being first time dog parents, we were really lost after a couple of days. That's when Shi Ying came in. In our first session with her, she taught us how to get a hyper puppy to sit down for food. From then on, it's been a wonderful journey. Shi Ying helped us with all the basic commands. The most impressive one was the toilet training. It took us a while to get it right. But she was totally patient with us. One of the best things about having Shi Ying for the training is that we could reach out to her about anything when it concerned Noah and she would help us in any way that she could. Noah loves having her around and would love forward to Saturday morning sessions. She made the training fun for our son with tricks that Noah and he can practice together. Thanks, Shi Ying.

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