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Life Skills Foundation (Private 1 to 1 Training)

Dog Walk

For adolescent and adult dogs who are suited to learn in a familiar environment first such as the home and in the vicinity of the home.

This is also suitable for dogs with fear or reactivity towards certain environmental stimulus such as humans or dogs, and

1 to 1 learning may be more beneficial and effective for the dog.

These are some of what's included but may vary due to the individual dog's temperament.​

  • Basic communication using a Clicker or Verbal Marker

  • Proper delivery of treats to your dog

  • Relax and staying calm in the presence of different environmental stimulus such as joggers, cyclists, dogs, sounds etc.

  • Leash Handling

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Introduction to Enrichment and how to incorporate it into your dog's routine

  • Recall

  • Engagement

  • Protocol when encountering other dogs and humans

  • Potty Training​

  • Handling and Cooperative Care

  • Selected Behaviour Challenges

The training will be customized based on the needs of the individual dog upon assessment.

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